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Aleksi Jaakkola


Diagraphein (#1-6), 2022 / edition 5 
Digital prints, Epson Enhanced Matte Paper, 420mm x 594mm, 192 g (not framed)

A simplified picturesque landscape with a mountainous horizon line, soft and blurry, hides the signs of everyday life. Barren and broken, with no location. 


It is an object - it is a line.

DIAGRAPHEIN—" to mark out by line " presents the investigation in which a simplified horizon line is a motif and invitation to create new topographies.

The principal images for "Diagraphein" are snapshots taken from a moving car in Iceland in 2018. The mundanity of the photos is further enhanced by the reduction of visual elements in the pictures by long-exposure photography with a flashlight and reproduction process—until there is nothing else left in the image than the horizontal line. Finally, the photos are printed in a random combination of two halves to break the last remnants of the original identities.

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