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Planet Brokat Visual Novel Game

Planet Brokat Visual Novel Game

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Planet Brokat Visual Novel Game (2021) by Brokat Films (Joanna Pawłowska, Sasa Lubińska)

Video with sound 

Planet Brokat is a new media project, an interactive dating visual novel game. Work was presented in 2021 at Kling og Bang (group exhibition).

Work consists: unique file (application supported by macOS and Windows), original soundscape in wav files and unique set of 3D rendered images.

The two avatar-heroines embark on an interplanetary journey.

Through online universes, refrigerators, pixel gardens, through bakeries, sex clubs, rendered realms and undersea lands...

They are ready to fulfill all their dreams and satisfy all their appetites:to abandon the human body, to become a super humanoid, to fall in multi mega love, and to create a new planet, a beautiful utopia - Planet Brokat.

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