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Katrín Inga Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir


Sculpture: sheepskin, concrete, granite lava rocks, metal, wood, sponge & one plastic measuring jug 

Sound: drum and bass beat & text based on self-love, quantum physics & biology phenomena 


RAW PURENESS - SELFLOVE is an interactive performative sculpture with sound, referencing the design experience of a traditional living room environment: a sofa and a table.  The combination of materials used, however, is unconventional: sheepskin, concrete, lava rocks, metal, wood, sponge and a plastic measuring jug.  It is a meditation station, a platform for injecting oneself with selflove, to be immersed in pure, raw, chaotic sound; a place where the mind can activate its selflove hormones. 

The main purpose of RAW PURENESS - SELFLOVE is to be embraced by selflove in a reliable (concrete) and warm (sheepskin) sofa while integrating with the sound (mantra). The  Icelandic word gæra translates as ‘sheepskin’, but is also used as a derogatory term for women, similar to the word whore. Paradoxically,  gæra has been one of the fundamental elements for survival in cold harsh conditions. The words gæra and ‘selflove’ are both extremely powerful functional phenomena which have been stigmatized by cultural interpretation. The role of the concrete is to manifest a strong foundation for the fragile selflove that connects externally via the soundscape, where chaotic drum and bass beats are in symbiosis with atmospheric whispers and messages derived from self love, quantum physics and biological phenomena. RAW PURENESS - SELFLOVE aims to evoke a purely personal psychological experience within a biochemical environment, loaded with raw clichés of the truth and power of selflove.
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