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Stock Exchange (nothing)

Stock Exchange (nothing)

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Katrin Inga

Stock Exchange (nothing)


Lithography, ink 

50x37 (unframed)

unique piece 

Part of a performance - happening at Audur Capital in the year 2009 - when the artist enter the office and sold art pieces from this series Stock Exchange in parallel with exhibiting at Kling and Bang - Til eru fræ!

Katrín Inga Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir creates through all the media of modern society. If the current media does not suit the work, then she creates her own. Systemic phenomena often play the main role in her visual philosophy. A change in the mindset of the values of love and sexuality rises, presented on a new basis where critical thinking belongs to everyday life. The purpose of art and love is in eliminating the endless cycle of political and cultural conflicts in the world.

Katrín Inga Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir’s work explores love, sexuality, and therapeutic self-expression, focusing in particular on their aesthetic capacity to question patriarchal hierarchies framing both the art world and global society at large. Jónsdóttir Hjördísardóttir´s work draws on critical feminist aesthetics, continental philosophy, subversive art-historical movements like fluxus, and land-based Icelandic art. She has exhibited numerous solo shows in Iceland, Europe, and the United States, establishing her as a celebrated multimedia artist at the crux of Iceland’s contemporary post-fluxus feminist avant-garde. (Dr. Erum Naqvi, Art Theorist 2021)

Katrín Inga has built up a remarkable resume of exhibitions and performance projects, working in several countries. While often focusing on women and gender issues, she presents a wider critical discussion that involves art history and theory. Her exhibitions and performances are at once serious and wryly humorous. She has a way of presenting complicated ideas in such a way people leave her shows with their head full of thoughts but a smile on their face. (Jón Proppé, Art Historian 2018) 

Katrín Inga has presented solo projects and performances, most notably at Living Art Museum, Reykjavik (2013) and her work and performances have been presented in group exhibitions at platforms including High Line Art, New York, USA (2017); Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein, Vadaus, Licthenstein, (2015); XVII Biennial of Young Artists, MEDITERRANEA17, Milan, Italy (2015). She is the recipient of awards including a Fulbright Scholarship (2012); the Dungal Art Fund award (2012); the Gudmunda Andresdottir Scholarship (2013); the Icelandic Art Salary from the government of Iceland, Iceland (2015/2017); and the Svavar Guðnasson & Ástu Eirkiskdóttir foundation art price for the promotion of young Icelandic artists (2017). Katrín Inga graduated with a MFA from the School of Visual Arts, New York (2014); a BA degree in Art History and Art Theory from the University of Iceland (2012); and a BA in Fine Art from the Iceland Academy of the Arts (2008). Katrín Inga is a board member of the Reykjavik Association of Sculptors (2018-) and she was featured in the “Isle of Art”(2019), a book about Icelandic Art. She has collaborated with various artists most recently with the performance group “It’s The Media Not You!” in various art projects (2015 – ). Katrin Inga was invited to have performance lectures in Icelandic Academy of The Arts (2018) and in School of Visual Arts (2017/2019).

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